Monday, August 12, 2013


We are nearing the end of the summer holidays in most of the Northern hemisphere. Doesn’t mean it will get colder. The sensation of temperature is a state of mind and over here where I am it is definitely rising. By all accounts this is going to be one hot fall! In ten days my latest book, Burmese Light, will have its coming out party at the big AsiaBooks in the Central World Department store in Bangkok.

Then it is on to London for a solo show in a fantastic gallery right on the banks of the Thames before heading back to Bangkok for… Respite, who says respite? Respite locks the joints just when the going was supposed to be getting easier and, more damaging; it freezes the mind. So onwards and upwards it is with the book fair in Frankfurt coming up in October followed by a 10 year anniversary for Bikes of Burden.

Do I see a special edition in the making? Possible. And if you’re a fan of the amazing bikes of Vietnam, it is something you do not want to miss. Stay tuned, come back every now and then. Let’s share the warmth of the greatest heat source known to us: the human mind and it’s limitless capacity for seeing possibilities.

Our engines are running the moment we realize that we’re not here anymore and are actually encouraged by not being there yet. You feel the heat?

© Hans Kemp 2013