Saturday, June 25, 2016

DO YOU WANNA RIDE? A referendum for the mind.

As long as we, regardless on which side of the referendum divide we find ourselves, selfishly wallow in the misery of exterminated opportunities or foolishly rejoice in having taken the first feeble step towards that long lost, illusive “greatness”, both myopic and ostrich-inspired world-views at best, and with a straight face can deliver such grotesque statements as a pundit in the Guardian puts it:
“Vladimir Putin will be rubbing his hands in glee. The unhappy English have delivered a body blow to the west, and to the ideals of international cooperation, liberal order and open societies to which England has in the past contributed so much,” there is little hope for humanity.

International cooperation? liberal order? to which England or, for that matter, any other European country has contributed? What bullocks! Have we all but discarded our colonial history? Our rape and pillage of vast swaths of this earth? Africa anyone? South America? Asia? And let’s not pretend these are “sins of our fathers.”

We behave like penile obsessed adolescents, either staring down on our shrivelled little dick and wondering what future pleasures have been prematurely taken away from us or gallivanting a rock hard erection wondering who to whack. (I tried hard to come up with a less male dominated description and failed miserably, even the first six words of this sentence are proof of my total impotence in this matter, for which, of course, there can be no excuse.)

But so be it. The point is clear, flaccid whimperers or arrogant boners; get a life! And as long as that life excludes the vast majority of peoples and all sentient beings we share our planet with, excludes genuine concern and empathy for rather than apathy toward the rapidly disappearing environment you can Facebook-parade your pathetic triumphalism or your equally pathetic “you threw my future away” lament all you want, I won’t join you.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the musician Bernie Worrell passed away the day after the referendum. Parliament-Funkadelic gifted the world timeless advice with the words “Free your mind- and your ass will follow.”
What will it be? Will we welcome the opportunity insecurity brings and unshackle ourselves from the mental slavery that does nothing but divide? Or…?

Swing Down Sweet Chariot, Let Me Ride.