Friday, December 19, 2008

What’s the Hurry?

Strolling the sidewalks of Hongkong and immersing oneself in the maelstrom of pedestrians is a challenge to even the most skilled urban walkers.
Street photographers definitely belong into this category. Not only do they need to expertly navigate the throng of lunch hour humanity, their eyes have to constantly scout for the unusual.
And so I found myself recently on a sunny afternoon in Tsim Sha Tsui when suddenly a blurry white vision broke my line of sight.
Now it is not unusual in a fast paced city like Hongkong to see people rushing to make a meeting and speeding for an appointment but when I realized the nature of the ”business” at hand I couldn’t help but think that time should really be no issue.

After all who wouldn’t want to savor the last remaining minutes of freedom?

To judge by their footwear, the young, soon to be married, couple certainly had a different idea.

Not Here Anymore, Not Quite There Yet.

© Hans Kemp 2008